/ Rant

Who is the asshole here?


Location: Far corner of an Acme Parking Lot, Philadelphia

A brand new Chevy Cruze purposely pulls into a spot far from the other cars. Behind the wheel, a man whose meticulous saving and budgeting had finally paid off.

As his key leaves the ignition, another car absent-mindedly in the spot literally right to next him. Cruze-guy flips him off and our his neighbor gives him a confused look and just walks away.

At first, I thought that the second guy clearly the asshole.

There are plenty of spaces. What kind of monster purposely picks one next to someone who is obviously avoiding being near other cars. Cruze-guy put a lot of work into buying that car and it just takes a little common decency to not freak him out by parking one spot over. It's urinal rules out here, if there's you can put a buffer between you and another person do it. We're not talking rocket science here.

After thinking about it some more, I began to build a case for Cruze-guy being the asshole. Sure the car is important to him and does the world revolve around him? It's a parking lot, cars are going to park. What kind of narcissist do you have to be to react as if his new neighbor parked there just to spite him?

Maybe his new neighbor is having a rough day and being aware of the goals and motivations of strangers in the parking lot is just the farthest thing from his mind. It'd be nice to get that consideration but is it something to really get mad about? It's not like any damage was actually done to his precious Cruze.

I've been going back and forth on this for a while. Agonizing over who is truely in the wrong.

So long that both parties have long since purchased their groceries, went home, and completely forgot about this incident while I sit here and judge them. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that I am the only asshole here.